How Much of Each Energy Source Does It Take to Power Your Home

How much do you think about the energy that fuels your home? Beyond that of your bills that is. It takes a great deal to keep the average home’s lights on throughout the year, a lot goes into it, and it can be easy to take for granted all that this energy brings to our lives. Just think where you would be without it!

This energy comes from many different places and your home can be powered through a number of different avenues. Some of the more popular and well known sources of energy around the world are solar power, wind turbines, hydropower, and coal. These sources keep the world moving and our own lights on. But have you ever thought about how much of each it would take to power the average home? The answer is quite surprising and interesting to analyze.

To help break it all down, McGinley Support Services have created this infographic, looking into just how many wind turbines it would take to power your house, how much energy from a hydropower system it would take to keep your lights on, how many solar panels one would need, and how many pounds of coal would be required to sustain your lifestyle. With a selection of facts, figures, stats, and illustrations, you can now see how much of each energy source it would take to power your home.

Energy Source Does It Take to Power Your Home


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