7 Must Have Items for your Foyer

“First impression is the last impression” is a statement which holds true not just with people but also with houses. Your guests get the very first impression of the house as they enter it and by looking at the way the foyer is decorated.

A home entryway or foyer is a place of great importance and is one through which you can create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who enters your house. In order to decorate this area, there are some items that are very essential. The following are the 7 must have items for your foyer space:

must have items for your foyer

1. Mirror

One of the most important and essential parts of a foyer is a mirror.  A mirror is a great way to welcome guests and others. Not only does it add an illusion of space but also let’s people look at themselves when they enter the house. Choose a broad mirror which can be placed at the right height for everyone to see themselves.

2. Flowers

Whether real or artificial, flowers too add a touch of welcoming and freshness to your entryway. Make sure you place them in such a way that they don’t block anything else in the foyer and spread across in a way that adds colors to the entryway.

3. Candles

Giving your guests a welcoming aroma when they enter your house is a good way to make the atmosphere inviting. Light up a few scented and colorful candles to create a rich and warm environment. Dim other lights if you have plans for dinner or a quiet evening and then see the surroundings light up.

4. Table

It is a good idea to have a nice wooden table at the entryway as well. The table not only gives you space to keep your candles and flowers but also other things like books. The table also goes well with your mirror and makes the entryway look complete.

5. Lighting

Even adequate lighting is an essential thing that you need at a foyer. Your guests must be greeted and welcomed with sufficient lighting for which you can either using hanging lights or wall lights. You can also place lamps on the entryway to make the setting look contemporary and modern.

6. An Umbrella Stand

If you are someone who lives in a wet area, then having an umbrella stand too is a great way to make the house become more welcoming. The stand is a practical yet very classic addition to any foyer and is a must have. Infact it can also double up as a place where people can hang their coats and blazers.

7. Wall Hanging

If you aren’t in favor of a mirror, then hanging a wall hanging or a painting too is a great idea. Not only does it fill the first wall that guests see but also gives your house a personality. Make sure you hang a meaningful painting which people can observe. Choose the colors and its theme carefully.


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