5 Things to Consider While Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is considered to be one of the best choices for outdoor furniture. It is a tropical hardwood that grows at a stretch in the region of Southeast Asia. One of the most popular choices for furniture making, this wood is loved for its natural beauty and elegant look.

Moreover, maintenance of teak is also easy and because its lightweight, most of the furniture made of teak are easily portable. Teak is also a very durable wood as the rubber and oil content makes it naturally weatherproof against monsoons, insects and rotting agents.

The golden colour and portability traits, teak has been a traditional choice for outdoor furniture; however you need to keep certain thing in mind while buying teak outdoor furniture thus ensuring a worthy investment.

teak outdoor furniturePrice of the Wood

The demand for teak wood has hiked on its price and its being considered as the type of wood that people would use for a long term, Thus, considering is expense, do not choose teak wood if you are fond of changing your furniture frequently or redecorating your home. Thus, think about the long term usage before spending on this wood.


Go for teak plantations that practice sustainable living and ones that are eco-friendly. If you buy FSC-certified teak you are actually ensuring that your home furnishings are environmentally friendly. The Forest Stewardship Council passes on the wood through a number of tests to offer this certification.

Weathering and Finishing

Three types of teak finishing are available – namely sealed, natural or unfinished and pre-weathered. After usage for several; years, teak attains a silvery grey colour over the time. No special maintenance is needed to get this look, just buy the unfinished teak furnishings, sit back and enjoy over the years to get this natural colour. However, if you need other types of finishing please check the quality, while your purchase.

Oiling Rules

Many vendors might recommend you to do oiling on the teak furniture to maintain its color. However, this also has the danger of inviting mildew and molds. Consider the place where you would place the piece of furniture and then decide about its oiling. Indoor teak does not fade and thus you don’t need oiling; if its under the direct sun then you might have to go for oiling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Teak furniture should be cleaned once a year and dirt, stains and dust should be removed thoroughly. This can be easily done at home with a solution of diluted cleanser and soft bristled brush. Your vendor can guide on which detergent you can use.

Teak is a very dense, highly weather resistant wood that can be very well used for outdoor furniture. Both commercial and domestic furnishings can be constructed with teak; of course the right purchase is very important in this case. Take proper care of your teak wood furniture and enjoy it life time.


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