Stylistic Kitchen Models for a Distinctive Appeal

A kitchen is one of the frequently used rooms in our homes. Apparently, we spend most of our time in the kitchen preparing food and doing some of our daily chores. It is also evident that a kitchen requires more space to store all the necessary stuff and to create a dynamic statement.

With ideal kitchen furniture, you can as well make your dream home look visually peaceful while using it efficiently. Here are a few stylistic kitchen models that call for functionality and personalization in designing your kitchen. The designs are all by Scavolini.

vuesse motif kitchen

This kitchen model designed by Vuesse makes you feel that contemporary and sophisticated bright colors are perfectly blended for more functionality. The kitchen design is apt to provide a classy and yet elegant backdrop suitable for your lifestyle. It is an outstanding context which is designed with aluminum and tempered glass doors.

The finishes which are original and the layout solutions along with the breakfast bars, storage units and  cupboards make this a truly outstanding kitchen. In addition, the matching furniture and the sophisticated appliances make this a kitchen that will definitely respond to today’s needs.

Kitchen from Scavolini Crystal

This is another version of the doors produced for the Crystal kitchen. The screen-printed decoration, which is dominates the kitchen’s atmosphere is available in various backgrounds. You can also personalize the kitchen according to your taste and it can also be fitted with work-tops.

Personalised Combinations Kitchen

This composition showing the plain tempered and shiny glass doors with aluminum finished frames is also available in various shades to suit your taste and needs. The Plum color shown here on the doors is a fresh Scavolini shade.

The work-tops on the kitchen island are in rounded-edge steel and bridge handles are in whole-color methacrylate. They too are available in different styles and types.


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