The 5 Must-Haves for 2011 Decoration

In order to have a trendy home, 2011 encourages you to be creative rather than bringing down the walls. Along the colors we know and love, the furniture pieces and accessories play a very important role in respecting trends. You don’t have to necessarily replace your furniture, but you can always recondition what you have so that it fits the 2011 style.

2011 decor

The last years were ruled by the Scandinavian style in interior design. The functional pieces specific to the Scandinavian design combine with the romantic lines and minimalist trends adding a warming note to your home. For this purpose you need furniture in neutral colors and only a few colored accents in bed covers and window blinds. The room will be bright from the visual point of view and it will show class.

The couch remains the steady living room piece all through the year. The 2011 brings forth couches in strong colors like vivid orange, turquoise and red. The minimalist lines are the favorites but the extreme baroque look is welcome too if you want a vintage touch.

The throw pillows are still part of the accessory world. They are diverse and practical but also key elements for making a room look special. The patterns you should consider are graphic and ethnic and the colors are lavender, honeysuckle, orange or nude.

living room decor

The photo frames are a must-have for this year. A few seasons ago these had made a huge comeback. For a modern touch, decorate one wall with a combination of framed items of different shapes and sizes. The images can be anything from pop art to family photos but keep in mind that the combination of different sizes can offer a chic touch.

The piece de resistance of 2011 is the commode. This piece of furniture is not only useful as a storage place but also an extraordinary furniture piece that can make a room into something spectacular.

You can go for a contemporary look, graphic designs and clear lines. Another approach would be a baroque inspired one which you can associate with the vintage pillows or an old wall clock for a spectacular air. You can always accessorize the commode placing it near the wall decorated with photo frames or simply place on it a porcelain tea pot with beautiful details.


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