Let Your Wall Feel the Embrace of Genial Wallpaper Design

— Out of the box wallpaper pattern ideas!

Bold design is most commonly known like something took out of a pattern, stepping out of the box, following the trends but lingering between them, creating something different for everybody but also making the things happening inside your house.

“Off the wall” for example can for sure be defined like the stuff capturing the whole message of a room inside the 3D wallpaper design. Far from being a blunt piece of interior decoration the patterns they create tend to overpower the view becoming the definition of the room.

Vertical Lines for a Stand Up Vision

red stripes1

“Red stripes” wallpaper design define a character fond of amazing things, able to capture the positive in any aspect of life, characterized by a pure optimism and a smart way of approaching the critical stuff around him or her. It also fits the person believing in energy and strength of character.

strict chaos1

If in the real life we are afraid of chaos, in design it might open up our mind and encourage our sense of creativity. A complicated mix up of colors, scrambled lines can make our artistic touch run free and spread its wings. This is a cool pattern for kids and youngsters but also for your heart since it is known that colors stimulate blood flow.

line of ants1

If bugs in line make you feel like getting things done, such wallpaper design would for sure help you focus and be more accurate in your daily tasks. Apart from being funny, refreshing and for sure stylish, this 3D wallpaper is able to light up the room and make it feel the beat.

multi covered1

If you are looking for that certain touch which will amaze and also intrigue your guest…look no further. A perfect combination of colorful lines and vintage pattern can only make an impression, whenever it is displayed. That certain something people are looking for when out to leave an impression can actually be this exclusive pattern wallpaper design.


A person with a thing for classics can only be happy that such a cute but also classy pattern is within his or her reach. Little cherubs and a succession of lines in the loveliest nuance of gray can only look charming to anybody.

Horizontal Patterns for a Visionary Concept

multiple greens1

Think spring, think joy, think energy. In short, think vision and perfection all wrapped up in a fascinating succession of horizontal green, bold, energetic and as refreshing as the first rays of sun in the spring. Such a pattern will make any room smile and get ready to find joy.

urban graffiti1

Perfectly suited for a club house and limelight, the urban graffiti is the “IT” in creativity made to take the breath of anybody. Abrupt, with a huge amount of personality, focused and in the same time magically loose, this innovative wallpaper design can make the heart race faster and accompany the music beat.

sweet dreams1

Blue moon, blue river…if you got the blues or dream of a peaceful environment where you would feel safe, the Sweet Dreams is for you. Perhaps this kind of delightful embrace of blue symphony will help you find your center and look at the world from not such a blue perspective.

Wallpaper usually makes a certain definition on the room design and it can be found in a great number of colors and patterns. Still if you want to make a stand and take the place out of the ordinary, 3D wallpaper design is your thing.

(Via: Kredema)

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