Fit For a King and Queen — Easy Grand Redecoration of the Bathroom

Whether you’re redecorating a whole house or just feel the bathroom is looking a little tired, the good news is that a bathroom is a relatively easy project to take on, whatever your skill level.

A clean, modern, white suite is a good place to start as it won’t date and will go with any color scheme. Structural changes will cost money but cosmetic updates are much more affordable. Start with your favorite color and don’t be scared to go bold. You might even want to theme your bathroom.

bathrrom-redecorationMany street retailers, and even supermarkets these days, can help you to decorate your showering and grooming space, with a range good-value bathroom furniture sets. They can tie in with your color scheme without setting you back in terms of budget, and using a supermarket will even allow you to collect reward points.

A shower curtain is a good place to start when you re-do your bathroom, because when it’s drawn, it will be a dominant feature even in larger bathrooms. The surface area of the curtain makes it big enough to take a bold pattern. Choose a color from the curtain to inspire your wall color choice, though you might prefer to keep to a single wall if you opt for a bright hue. Many stores will offer a color-matching service, so take your shower curtain along and be sure to get an exact match. Keep other walls neutral.

The sets might include accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and brushes, but there will also be towel bales and bath mats. Even the light pulls and shades can coordinate with your scheme. If you go for a heated towel rail, you’ll probably need professional help.

Be careful about which paint you decide to use. There are now mildew-resistant options, and these are well suited to bathrooms. That said, the bathroom will still require two coats to ensure an even, flawless finish. When the paint is dry, add in your accessories and hang your new towels and suddenly everything comes together in a stylish scheme that could have come straight out of an interior design magazine.

Your redecorating project might not cost much, but that sure doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Make all the right choices and your bathroom will be the envy of friends and family alike. You might even have people dropping by just to a bath!


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