Avoid the Clutter in Your Home Office

The home office can be your oasis of silence and peace able to encourage your creativity. No matter how big is your love for details and how great is your appreciation for the little things you hold on to, you must avoid the clutter.

Avoid the Clutter in Your Home Office

The whole point of having a home office is to be able to be productive while comfortable. This means that here you will have a lot more familiar things around that you would have in a regular office.

At the same time you may not feel compelled to keep them in order all the time simply because this is your home and you can do what you want.

So what is the right recipe for an uncluttered home office? The secret lies inside your basic need for functionality.

Naturally, at home, you do not have a special place designed to serve as a home office. Thus you will have to pick a place where to set it up. Make sure you get an office with a “view” placing your working station in front of a window.

This will allow you to make the most of the natural light and save you the space a lamp or two may occupy.

Choose a desk that would fit the purpose. Keep in mind that your organizing is only as good as your desk is, so it makes sense to have a desk able to match your most urgent needs.

You can use an old writing desk especially if you will use a laptop for work, provided it is roomy enough to accommodate necessary tools like your printer, shredder and paper supplies.

If you need to file hard copy documents, then an old filling cabinet can be perfect for the task. You can buy one from a second hand furniture shop, paint it in your favorite color and use it to store files and any other stuff you may need to keep away from sight.

Keep in mind that your home office should be a place of comfort so your creativity would be at its productivity peak. For this to happen, paint the room in warm pastel tones. The green color is known as the greatest stimulant for thinking but if you don’t want to spread the color all over the room, you can paint only one of the walls.

Add a personal touch to your desk. You can always use wallpaper according to your style, place stickers to brighten up a piece of old furniture or add a vintage touch with stylish wooden crates or boxes you can use to store things in.

Make sure your comfortable chair will not be cluttered with unwanted pieces of clothing or bags. Keep the station cleared and you will have room to breathe and be creative.


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