Italian Home Furniture Design – Most Famous Styles

Each culture has its specific characteristics and maybe these characteristics attract so many people towards the Italian home furniture design.

Throughout the years the designs of the furniture’s changed, evolved, so that in our days people have a lot of different styles to choose from.

Italian Home Furniture Design


It is a well-known fact that during this period there were a lot of wealthy Italians and this is also reflected by the furniture. At the beginning of the period the furniture had a simple design but it came with enriching details. As the time went by, the details became more and more elaborate.

Italy’s home furniture design was enriched by low relief and patterns of stucco. One of the most important pieces of furniture was the cassone, or marriage chest. The writing desk was also important and later became the writing bureau that had added drawers.

Rococo and Baroque

It is interesting to know about this Italian home furniture design that the Baroque style evolved from the architectural design. The furniture in this period was adorned with painted, carved and gilded pieces, such as cupids, acanthus and scrolls. In the same time the chairs had added velvet cushions.

Similar styles of the Italian design of home furniture were adopted in case of the cupboards and cabinets. After the Baroque period the Rococo period followed. This used more natural shapes along with the specific ‘C’ and ‘S’ shapes. Actually, this was considered to be a reaction against the Baroque style.


When thinking about this Italian home furniture design you should know that the style originated from classical art. This is why the furniture slowly became simpler and with more definite lines. The legs of the chairs became straighter and the storage furniture didn’t have bombe anymore.

The 19th century

In case of this home furniture design from Italy we can expect to see simple and massive pieces of furniture decorated with iron ornaments. It is common to see festoons, laurel branches and swags as ornamental pieces. The Egyptian ornaments have also become popular in this period.

The Italian home furniture design can add a special feeling to your home or office so this is a style that you should most definitely think about. Still, as seductive as it may seem, you should be careful with it. It is best not to mix the pieces belonging to different styles because the results could be disastrous.


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