Contemporary Design for Living Rooms

When decorating a new home or after a remodel your living room is one of the most important areas to focus on. After all, its the room where you and your family will spend the most time, and also the most likely place that you will bring visitors.

Use these tips to make your living room a welcoming, stylish and comfortable place to spend your time.

Walls and Floors

Clean modern design makes a lot of use of simple plain colours like white and black. However, to make your living room more homey, consider choosing wall colours with a little warmth in them – a touch of pink or yellow in the overall paint blend can make all the difference.

For a more striking view, consider an accent wall in a bolder colour. Large mirrors reflect the light and make the room seem bigger, while framed pictures and photographs help the space to seem more like a home than a showroom. Consider the new digital photo frames that provide a slide-show of your chosen pictures.

Wooden floors are timeless, beautiful and practical, making for easy cleaning and upkeep. They can also be easily dressed up with rugs. If you are considering carpet be careful in your choice – darker colours and patterns show less staining and dirt, but can have a 1970s feel if you overdo it.

Furnishings and Accessories

Leather sofas are still very popular in modern aesthetics, as are wooden-framed pieces with decadent soft cushions. If you choose neutral colours like dark brown, black or white you can more easily change up the room when trends alter by using coloured throws and cushions.

Accessories can help to really make your room so choose ornaments like vases carefully – don’t go overboard with ornaments and knick-knacks or your living room could end up looking like a shop.

Integrate Your Technology into your Design

Interior design isn’t about just being beautiful, it’s about having an aesthetic that works with how you use the rooms in your home. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever before to integrate modern conveniences and equipment such as TVs and sound systems into your overall aesthetic.

As technology has advanced electronics have been getting more powerful and more compact at the same time Flat-screen TVs can be mounted on a wall without taking up much space in the room itself and audio systems can actually be built into the walls. Alternatively you can invest in high-tech entertainment systems that can cover over your electronics when they are not in use, letting your interior design take centre stage.

Of course, if you’re spending your money on all this amazing equipment, remember to add it in to your home insurance from a provider like Castle Cover, or you could have to pay all over again if something happens to it!

Modern interior design is all about simplicity and functionality, however don’t be afraid to let your personality and style shine through.


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