Create a Sofa Cinema in Your Home

Imagine being able to come home in the evenings, kick off your shoes and retire to your home cinema room to watch your favorite films.

Even if you don’t have the space for a dedicated room you can still kit out your lounge to accommodate the home cinema experience. You just need to know how.

Darlings of Chelsea make it easy by providing an all in one cinema sofa called the Fabio.

You can choose how big the sofa is and how many features it has – and there are plenty of practical ones to opt for too.

The units come complete with iPod speakers, manual or electric recliners and even a built in fridge. In short, everything you need for a smart home cinema sofa is here.

You can also put together the required number of units to build a smart two seater sofa, a large corner sofa or even a gently curved three seater sofa with cup holders, a fridge and reclining seats as well.

Before you make your purchase though, you need to work out how much room you have to accommodate the sofa. A leather recliner sofa is practical as well as luxurious because you can kick back and relax while watching your film. Remember you’ll need a certain distance between you and the screen too, so bear that in mind when choosing a projection system.

It can be worthwhile to get assistance from a company that sets up home cinema systems for a living. They’ll be able to give advice on the right size screen and where to position speakers to get true surround sound.

One tip worth noting is that a home cinema sofa should be coupled with the right size screen to watch. If you have a smaller room to use for this purpose, don’t be tempted to get too big a screen. It is this kind of detail that an experienced company can help with, to make sure you get the luxurious home cinema room you want.

Finally don’t skimp on the sofa. A leather recliner sofa is the true mark of luxury and is more comfortable when relaxing and watching longer films. You can lean back and prevent any stress on your neck and back muscles as you watch the screen.

A home cinema may seem like a true luxury but it is getting more popular by the moment – and you can see why.


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