Guidebook to Choose Garden Furniture for Beginners

Decorating a garden remains incomplete if its only plants; patio or garden furniture plays an important role in making the garden a complete adorable space. If you are a first time buyer of garden furniture, you might not know the key tips that should be kept in mind while buying garden furniture.

Starting from the material till design – everything needs speculation and homework! Furniture that will suit your lifestyle, requirements, budget, material preferred are some key factors to be considered while you are purchasing garden furniture. Here are the basics to keep in mind while you plan to buy garden furniture –

guidebook to choose garden furniture for beginnersMetal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture does well with any kind of garden setting. A simple iron garden bench is a classical icon for ages and it will probably be an apt addition to your Victorian style garden. Metal garden furniture ranges from the traditional wrought iron to the modern lightweight aluminium. If you live in very cold climate then this option would not be right, or maybe you can place the metal furniture when the climate is pleasant and move it interiors once it starts to get cold.

Teakwood Garden Furniture

If you wish to get wooden garden furniture then teak wood would be the ideal choice. This is the most durable of all hardwoods and the classic designs made for garden furniture with teak itself is time honoured. Indonesian teak is said to be the best variety for wooden garden furniture as the exterior climate does not seem to affect it much. However, be careful with teak purchase and make sure to check for splintered wood or cracks. Make sure you choose the right design that goes well with your garden decor.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is a material used in furniture making particularly for the outdoors. You get a multitude of styles, designs, frames, and even fabric colours. It is considered to be one of the most elegant, beautiful and enduring type of outdoor furniture in the market. While buying rattan garden furniture make sure that the padding or cushions are included with the furniture or else getting a matching set might be difficult.

Using and maintaining rattan furniture for long term is easy; but make sure the pieces is not exposed to excessive sunlight for long hours or drench in rain for days together. Better idea is to buy the right coverings for your rattan garden furniture to get the best of your investment.

The proper selection of garden furniture will not only harmonize the natural ambience of your garden but you can also spend quality time in your garden chatting, having a cup of tea or  even do some of the table work there. Some handy tips to maintain garden furniture are as follows –

  • Regularly check the furniture at the corners and beneath the seating slabs to see if there are any damages. Mend and fix it as soon as possible.
  • Do not let the furniture get excessively heated over the hours; arrange a shady area to keep the furniture when the sun is too hot.
  • Rain and snow also damages outdoor furniture; thus protect it cautiously.
  • Make sure to re-paint your furniture in case if it’s metal so that you can avoid the trouble of rust.
  • If needed you can give an anti-insect coating to your wooden furniture and re-apply it when needed.

Some of the essential garden furniture items are benches, chairs, tables, planters, lamps, and others. You will have to make the selection pertaining to various factors like budget, preference, climatic conditions and storage options. Apart from the above mentioned choices, you can also look out for plastic outdoor furniture and moulded PVC furniture that are available in multitude of colours and suits any budget.


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