How to Select Best Teak Patio Furniture Pieces

Furniture suited to be used on the courtyard or patio, includes chairs, tables, loungers among other things are known as patio furniture. Obviously, such furniture need to be durable enough and should not get much affected by the exposure to sunlight or rain in the open yard. Hence, it is preferable to select furniture made of wood that is durable.

Teak wood unlike other woods can retain their natural oil and rubber content even after it is felled, thereby making it weatherproof. Thus, for patio furniture, a lot of people tend to choose teak. Also the furniture made of teakwood is generally more attractive in appearance.

But, you might still find it difficult to buy teak wood patio furniture, not because it is expensive but because it is not always easy to identify grade one teakwood. And therefore, you need to know how to differentiate between best quality teak and the inferior quality wood known as sap wood.

teak patio furniture piecesFew Important Characteristics of the Best Teakwood

Though teak wood is famous for various reasons, not all teak woods are of the best quality. There are several grades of teak wood

Grade A Teakwood

This is the best variety of the wood and thus known as grade A teak wood. The natural oil is found in abundance in these layers, and therefore it is the best quality of teak. It also has more silica and rubber which make it more resistant to water and pests. However, this type of wood is very hard to find, and also very expensive.

Grade B Teakwood

Compared to the grade A variety, grade B is not as good. It is a bit coarser and less shiny than the best quality wood though it contains enough natural oil to make durable furniture. It is also more pocket friendly than the grade A variety.

Grade C Teakwood

It is easily available and is most inferior in quality. It has a lot of knot in it, as it is taken from the outer side of the log and does not contain much oil. If you are on a shoe string budget, then only you may opt for furniture made of grade C teak wood.

How to Select Best Quality Teak Wood

If you do not wish to compromise with the quality of your furniture, make sure you select the inner layers of the tree, or the ‘heart’. Look for these features while you are selecting teak wood furniture:

  • Grade A teakwood is deep golden brown in color, and more shiny and smooth than grade B and C. Its quality is visible from its appearance.
  • It does not contain knots, unlike the inferior quality teakwood.
  • It is far more expensive than the other two varieties.

While buying teak wood for patio furniture, especially, it is advisable not to settle for the cheaper varieties because not only best quality wood looks magnificent, it is more durable than the other varieties too.


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