8 Best Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

When kids start growing up a little bit and are capable of going to the bathroom on their own or washing hands on their own, you must make all efforts to make your bathroom as safe and friendly for your little one as possible. Small additions and changes can do the trick and avoid any injuries or accidents in the bathroom. The following are 8 of the best kid-friendly bathroom ideas:

kid-friendly bathroom ideas

  1. Make a step-up-to enable your kid wash hands on his own from the sink, add a little step up area on the floor which can act as a drawer that can be pulled out and pushed in easily and acts as a platform for the kid to stand on.  This can be made easily at home using pine board or plywood.
  2. No-slip flooring-make sure that the flooring of the bathroom is made using materials that avoid slipping. You can add small ceramic tiles or with lines on them to prevent accidents.  There are several other varieties of anti-slip tiles available too in the market.
  3. Side by side splashes-if you have multiple babies, then you can opt for side by side splashes in the wall mounted sink which can allows your kids to brush their teeth at the same time.
  4. Hooked on organization-you must opt for multiple hook boards to allow your kids to hang their stuff separately and have a well-marked distinction of towels and other bathroom items.
  5. Scaled to fit-your baby too needs a mirror of his own in the bathroom to brush teeth and wash his face etc. For this, you can scale down the height of the mirror according to him and also scale down other things like hand towel hanger, soap dish stand and basket for toothbrush.
  6. Creative bath tubs-there are many creative bath tub ideas to choose from which will encourage your kid to take a bath. Some ideas include colored tubs, tubs in the shapes of cars and trains and basins in the shapes of fire trucks.
  7. Add goodies in the tub-to encourage your kid to take a bath and get in the tub, you can add some goodie items like plastic boats, sponge ducks and other toys.
  8. Wall decorative-adding wall decorative in the bathroom is another good idea to make a bathroom kid friendly and attractive enough for your kid to enjoy the bath time.

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