6 Dangerous Household items you should Get Rid of

In households, we use certain products that may be dangerous. Household products containing toxic, corrosive reactive or ingredients that can be easily ignited are called household hazardous waste (HHW). Therefore, special care must be taken to dispose of products containing HHW, like oils, paints, batteries, cleaners and pesticides.

Materials containing HHW have to be properly disposed of in order to reduce its effects on the pollution levels of the environment. Avoid draining such products into sewers or throwing them into the trash can. Instead, you should follow a proper procedure of reduction of such waste, or their reuse. You may opt for recycling or disposal of such items too.

Find below some household items that are dangerous and should be got rid of.

dangerous household items you should get rid ofPesticides

Even though you may require the pesticides to get rid of the pests, make sure that they are away from the reach of children. After using the pesticides wash hands properly with soap and water. One more tip can be that you should buy only as much of pesticide as you would require for a single use. Do not store pesticides. If you have leftover, dispose it with the local collection service for HHW.

Paints and Polishes

You are painting your home and the paints are leftover. See to it that the leftover paint is not left lying around. The best way to keep it for further touch ups is of course to store it in the attic or garden tool room where kids cannot get access to it. If possible get rid of the leftover paints or polishes as the fumes from paint or polish if mixed with other non-compatible objects can be life threatening.

Get rid of used batteries by tying them up in polybags and disposing with the local collection of HHW.

Reduce the use of certain items like cleaners and detergents by using just the right amount you require.

Be sure of storing corrosive detergents away from the reach of children or better still get rid of the leftover as soon as you have used the right amount you require to clean up that stubborn tile or floor.

Insect Repellents

Use the correct dose of insect repellent whenever required. Remember that an overdose could cause nausea or fainting in humans. Dispose of the empty jars of insect repellent with your local HHW collection.

These items are undoubtedly needed in household, but its best to get rid of them once the usage is over as if storage is not taken proper care of, many fatal accidents are invited. Thus, prevention and getting rid of these things from your home is the safest option.


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