Best Ideas for Container Gardens!

With people preferring to live in small houses and apartments and the idea of recycling containers as plant holders becoming more and more popular, container gardens are the latest trend. Container garden means having the planters planted in small containers, either hanging in the balcony, on the walls, or attractively arranged in gardens.

There are many designs in which container gardens are created and below given are some ideas and options you can consider before you plan to create a container garden in your house.

best ideas for container gardens

Combine Different Plants

You can have different plants which bear flowers, have different shapes, colors of leaves and fragrances. You can arrange them in order so that your container garden looks even more attractive because having only one type of plant in the container garden would make the garden look very boring.

Choose a Thriller

Thrillers are plants which are a big and bold element to add to your garden. Start with having one plant different from the others, so that it becomes the focal point of the space. Good options for thrillers include elephant ears, bananas, ornamental grasses and color leaved plants. Having a thriller plant will surely make your garden look more attractive.

Choose Fillers

Fillers are the plants which connect the thrillers to spillers. They can be mounding and billowy plants which can be put around the thrillers. Choose plants of moderate size and have them in multiple numbers so that your garden looks full.

Choose Spillers

Spillers are nothing but colorful plants which provide a complete combination to the fillers and thrillers. They add a good look to the container garden and make it look complete because having plants of various sizes is an effective way to make the container gardens look attractive.

Choose Strong Containers

Choose attractive looking containers which are complimenting with each other so that the garden does not look messed up. Choose sturdy containers so that when you water your plants, they do not become brittle.


Convert plastic or glass bottles into containers by cutting them and plant small plants in these little containers. This way, you will also have an eco-friendly container garden which would be an inspiration for your friends for their container gardens too.

Select the Right Sized Containers

Do not choose containers which are too big or too small. Select the containers which are proportional to the size of your garden. This way, you can have a proper empty space for your garden and also consider the size of the plants according to the containers which you select.

Choose Floral Plants

Floral and ornamental plants are the ones which look the most attractive. Hence, try to choose the most attractive looking plants for your container gardens so that the whole purpose of container gardens, which is to make your house look attractive, gets satisfied. Make sure that you use proper fertilizers so that the plants bear flowers regularly and water the plants regularly so that they do not wither away.


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