Lamps Can be a Fashion Statement at Home

Imagine living in a house without any light. You would have to go to sleep early, never pull your window curtains down, and how the heck would you find the old sweater your aunt gave you, when you stored it in a box in the attic, and she comes to visit?


Having a light source is one thing. From time to time, you visit someone that didn’t bother buying a lamp but just have a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Maybe in the beginning, you will manage not to stare directly at the lit bulb, but at some point your eyes are too tempted by the brightness like a mosquito on a terrace a hot summer day.

That’s why it actually makes sense buying an actual lamp. You and your guests can enjoy a whole evening without getting partially blind every now and then, and, jokes aside, nice lamps also make your house look nice. Simple as that.

Finding good looking lamps is not difficult these days but finding lamps that exceeds the ‘good looking’ level can be way harder. But worth it, in the long run. Look at it this way: Would you rather buy a “pretty nice” lamp that you get sick of looking at after two years, or use an extra amount of money on a quality lamp that can last ten times as long and maybe even be inherited by your kids some day? Yes, this question will be the most rhetorical you will read today.

Lamps from lampenmeister is a case study of what lamps from the top shelve look like. Not only is the design on everything from table lamps to chandeliers superior, every lamp also comes with a great story. On each and every lamp from Lampemesteren, you can find information about the designer and manifacturer, stuff that maybe seem unnecessary in the beginning, but when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense and can be an important part of what story you want to tell people that walk into your home.

The stuff you put in your home, from the sofa, the bed, the rug, the paintings on the wall, and maybe even the refrigerator often tell a story on their own but accumulated, they also tell a story about your life and your personality, about your family and your values.

So many other things catches the eye than a lamp, you might think, but maybe you should think again. Try and think about where your eyes are wandering the next time you enter a new room. The light source quickly catches your attention. For some cities, the lights you can see in them are even a part of their brand. Just think of Nevada’s gambling Mecca Las Vegas, or the city that never sleeps, New York.

Life is just better with good lighting. It’s not just good for your eyes, it’s good for you.


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