Add a 2011 Trendy Air to Your Fresh French Dining Room

You don’t have to settle for less when it comes to your home, and there are so many things to change, that the options are infinite. In case you have a formal dining room, sometimes it is enough to make a little change to achieve big results.

One way to transform a formal dining room into a non-formal one is to change the furniture. Choose some eclectic pieces of furniture that don’t necessarily have to match. There are numerous items that you could use.

rustic dining room

Some of the more inventive homeowners have chosen to use an old barn door as a table top, and you could choose chairs of different materials to offer seating. The rug can also be something simple, and don’t forget about the artwork either.

A simple tray might become the most attractive item in the room. You should add some glasses and also some etched tumblers, and you have created art. There is no need for other items for the table because this will fill the space.

The new trend in this season is to use handmade items when decorating. In the previous case you might be looking for woven trays, and while this might be perfect for indoor use, for the outdoor table you could opt for hand-woven chairs that would offer a casual and garden like style.

It has been mentioned that you might choose chairs made of different materials. You might create something special in case you opt for aluminum chairs, that are light in weight and they could be easily moved from the dining room to the patio.

Although the majority of people don’t really think that these are also important, the utensils used could make quite a difference. It is easy to turn everyday meals into special occasions with fancy, brasserie-inspired items.

This year’s trend is to create unique looks with the help of everyday items. You might achieve this by adding a cushion to the seats. There are numerous types and kinds to choose from, but if you would like something special, then take into consideration the cushions made of Turkish kilim rugs.

What about the light? You could add a modern flare to the room by using an adjustable pendant above the dinner table. You could also opt for those that have a vintage look. This would offer a sophisticated style to the dining room and in the same time they are really functional.


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