6 Home Decor Accessories That Always Work

Home décor is incomplete without accessories. Accessories are, as the name suggests, secondary items, but their importance in accentuating the overall home décor is very important. Lately, interior designers have started focussing more on the employment of accessories when providing touch-ups to interiors.

With many options available in the market, we may become confused as to what accessories will make the best choices for your home. In this article, we are going to discuss this confusion and find plausible solutions.

We have covered six accessories which, if employed in home décor, can create a remarkable accentuating effect.

6 home decor accessories that always work

So, without further ado, here are those six accessories you must know:

1. Watercolor, rustic and floral throw pillow

People are getting increasingly interested in floral prints—whether we talk about wearable or throw pillows. There is something about floral prints which give away hints of elegance and naturalness, without nullifying the contemporary feels, and if you add watercolors to this, you will get an amazing result.

Throw pillows with watercolor, floral prints provide the surrounding with artistic touch and freshness. Go for lavender and pink in case you want a romantic vibe to arrest your room. You can also go for rustic designs that also add to the glory of floral prints.

2. The Zebra designs

If you are updated with latest trends in interior designing, you must know how much fervor Zebra designs are enjoying these days. These odd-looking but strangely fascinating black and white stripes have become famous home accessories capable of doing their own magic in an unconventional manner.

You can get Zebra prints for your footstool or throw pillow. Without much effort, you will receive instant exotic sophistication. Such design will go with nearly every style—modern, eclectic or traditional. Just choose where you want the design to flourish!

3. A Star Mirror

Mirrors have always been magical, and interior designers appreciate the inexplicable but beautiful effect which mirrors create in a house, and that is why they employ mirrors to accentuate home décor.

There are many kinds and styles of mirrors available for you to decorate your house with. But, if you wish to incorporate something majestic, a starburst mirror will do the job right.

Get such mirror to be placed above the bed, a fireplace, or sofa. What this mirror will do is that it will generate an impressive focal point and will punctuate the paint color on the wall.

One really important tip: Get a big mirror for this. It will be more noticeable and powerful.

4. A bar cart

There is more about a bar cart than just beautification. Practical utility makes bar carts all the more enticing for interior designing.

A bar cart performs double functions—it serves as a piece of furniture as well as a bar annex and could be placed in a dining room, living room, and what not.

With wheels fitted into their mechanisms, bar carts are portable and offer much-needed convenience. Arrange bottles with variegated shapes and colors to augment the overall appearance of the carts.

5. Faux Antlers

With this, you will definitely remember the old days when keeping animal heads as trophies was considered a grand show of pride and power. Well, this is no longer done, or at least not allowed, because it hurts animal rights. But, faux heads will never hurt and that is why interior designers still suggest to their clients that they get some for their main areas.

Faux antlers are extremely popular these days, with many varieties of them bombing the market. You can find in them in an array of materials such as iron, felt, etc, and whatever material or style you choose, you are assured satisfaction.

Antlers produce a focal point and also add visual height. Place them at higher altitudes, such as over a fireplace to make them work their magic more effectively.

6. An Art Grouping

Yes, this is an overworked accessory, but even still, it feels as fresh as any other.

An Art grouping does exceptionally well with any home setting, whether traditional or modern. However, a fundamental aspect of accessorizing with an art grouping is the choice of art.

Random selection does not usually help and creates an inconsistent flow of ideas. It is, therefore recommended that while selecting arts, you keep in mind what you are looking for.

If you want eccentricity to be the theme of home décor, you can choose contrasting arts. For example, where your home décor is traditional, you can select modernistic designs to strike a contrast.


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