Safety and Maintenance Tips for Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood has become a choice material option for many construction-related aspects of the building. They are comparatively more popular for the construction of floors. Engineered wood is a cost-effective option and serves best for the aesthetics as well. However, they need extra care, maintenance, and safety precautions as compared to other floor types (concrete, marble etc).

Engineered Wood Flooring

Therefore, we are discussing some safety and maintenance tips for engineered wood flooring in this blog. This information will help you in ensuring the extension of its operational and safe use.

Protection from the Sunlight

In the long run, direct impact of sunlight is not good for engineered wood flooring. The UV rays of the sunlight discolor the innate texture of the engineered wood. So, make sure that window coverings are in place to block the sunlight to directly impact or tarnish the floor.

Rearrangement of Rugs and Furniture

Wooden floor covered under furniture and rugs age differently than the area exposed to the foot traffic. If you want your engineered wood floor to age evenly, then change the setting of rugs and furniture articles after a certain time period.

Gentle Vacuum and Sweeping

Even if the wooden floor gets dirty and grimy quite often, don’t resort to abrasive cleaning methods. For instance, avoid wet mopping and vacuuming with power rotary brush head or beater bar. Similarly, use a soft-bristle broom for daily sweeping to avoid any scratches on the floor. If you have pets, trim their nails and clean their paw nails regularly. Otherwise, be prepared to bear scratches and stains on the wooden flooring.

Take Care of Extra Humidity

High level of moisture in the air can eventually set off cracking in the engineered wood flooring. If your house is located in a region where average humidity levels are higher than 50 percent then install dehumidifiers in the locations where the wooden floor is installed.

Fire: An Impending Hazard

Engineered wood floorings are vulnerable to fire hazards. Therefore, it is always advised to have them installed after taking all the precautionary measures. If there is a stove placed in the space covered by engineered wood, then get a suitable hearth as immediately as possible. Hearth is a fire-resistant platform employed to make the use of open fires and stoves hazard-free.

If you don’t want to kill the visual appeal of your engineered wood floor by putting an opaque, bulky hearth on it, then you have the option to go with platforms made of glass. They provide the same functionality as any other material while preserving the actual look of the engineered wood floor.

In order to extend the operational life of your engineered wood floor, have it refinished after a couple of years.  In addition, never use strong chemicals for cleaning any wooden floor. It will start to get deformed within a few weeks.

Adorning your house with engineered wood is not an unattainable goal, given that you have taken up the safety precautions and are taking care of its maintenance using the above-discussed measures.



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