Top Tips for Trendy Window Treatment

While the majority of people think that the window treatments aren’t really important, they can make a room more appealing, but they can also ruin the entire design. You can use the window treatments to add personality to the room.

Top Tips for Trendy Window Treatment


The homeowners who would like their room to have a modern look should be thinking about getting window treatments that come with wide stripes. For a bigger effect it is good to go for contrasting colors, such as white and green. Naturally it is a must for these colors to work well with the room’s color scheme.

Hide the hardware

It is a general trend in our days to try to hide the hardware. In order for the room to have a softer look. Try mixing a valance and cream panels with a dark brown trim. These will hide the unsightly hardware pieces but they will allow the natural light to reach the room.

Unify the style

The majority of people choose to use the same window treatment on all the windows. However, there is also the possibility to have different window treatments but stick to the same style. You could have roman shade and panels, but make sure that you use the same material in both cases.

Blue shades

It is common for people to stick to natural and neutral hues when it comes to the window treatments, but if you have some bold colors in the room, such as blue, you can use those as well. Think about sleek panels close to the walls. If you can hide the hardware, you will achieve a streamline look.

Unique window treatments

In case you can achieve a unique design in the room, it would be a pity not to go for unique window treatments. A really stylish and elegant bedroom, for example, is simply begging for puff-top silk draperies to achieve a feminine and romantic style.

Get creative

Although they are called window treatments, it isn’t a must for you to add the treatments to the windows only. For instance if you have a spacious bathroom, you can hang silk treatments along the walls as well to make the bathroom feel warmer and to add some soft curves to the design.

Go practical

Not all people wish to have elaborate designs. In case you prefer the practical pieces, think about combining blinds with panels. This way you will have a lot of privacy and this combination will also add warmth to the room. For a natural touch, consider using a bamboo rod to hang the panels.


It’s not only about the style of the window treatments, but the pattern also has a word to say. In order to frame the room, such as a study, add window treatments with geometric patterns. In this case it is a must for the room to have a lot of natural light, so there is no need for swags, jabots, or fluffy treatments.

Window treatments can make a lot of difference when it comes to a room provided you integrate them wisely into your home décor.


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