Fairytale Design For Children’s Room

Creating the children’s room isn’t an easy issue. It is often one of the biggest concerns, when it comes to home decoration. In case you want to create a fairytale oasis for your children, here are a few professional advices how to do it with style.

The first and the most important thing is surely the color of the paint in the room. Most of the designers are using only neutral colors and avoiding the stereotypical colors such as blue or pink. If you go for neutral colors, you can easily draw the walls with your children’s favorite animated heroes.

childrens room 1

This is the first reason why the children’s room needs to be in the neutral palette. Another reason to choose smooth colors is the fact that they optimize the area and the room will surely look bigger.

Providing more space to your little ones is a smart step, for they will spend most of their times in this room, so make sure they will have enough space to play and relax.

Another issue to be careful about is the design of the room. Don’t forget that the patterns for the children room are now thousands and it will be difficult to choose just one. Ask your children about their favorite fairytale and choose motifs from it. You can purchase special patterns or wall papers.

children room

According to many designers, this is actually a must, for these fairytale patterns are another way to stimulate children’s imagination. The latest children-room designs are now inspired by the marine topic, especially if your child is a boy.

The pirate topic in the room is also very modern, so you can update your children room with marine furniture. The wooden elements bring more warmness, as the smooth blue color relaxes the mind.

children room design

Go for cotton fabrics in white and blue and make sure there are some marine or pirate details, in case you are not going to place a wall paper. Wall-papers and drawings on the wall are also great ideas.

Recently the patterns and drawings that contain some fairytale elements are more than modern. They are usually placed on one of the walls and mark the area for games or fun. Some designers prefer another approach.

They simply create a special area for playing, as they update the space with mini wooden chairs and tables. Even the furniture is equipped with special fairytale patterns, for it is creating a magical atmosphere.


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