Key Elements for Spring Decoration

The spring is coming slowly, so it’s time for a spring renovation at home. A nice vibe and warm tones are only part of the spring elements in your home design. In case you want to bring a little more freshness and comfort in your home, you should set more bright and seasonal colors like white, red, blue and candy pink.

The interior will look clean and modern. The furniture also requires some changes. Go for suitable comfortable and ergonomic furniture. Remember that everything must be measured and combined with delicacy and taste. Here are few examples how to refresh your home décor.

dining room decor

The dining room will sparkle if you change the basic colors to yellow and green. They create mood, especially if they are placed in a room flooded with sunlight. Place some chandelier for a more spectacular design.

Don’t overdo the decoration on the wall. You can make it fresher by adding identical wooden picture frames with a decorative paper in green.

Get rid of the long tablecloth on the table and place a piece of fabric in yellow-green tint. In case you want to do some changes in the kitchen, the gentle shades of pink can create a delicate and fresh atmosphere, so go for them. Pink wallpaper can place a nice spring accent in your kitchen.

kitchen decor

Painted candy shelves of the kitchen cupboard create spectacular accent and highlight the soft pink glow of its frame. The living room also can be refreshed with a spring glow.

Yellow is the right color for any living room, for it is a sunny and vibrant color. Sunny yellow hues are particularly suitable for the living room, where the family spends most of the day.

They create mood and enhance the effect of natural light entering the room. The yellow interior can be combined with beige and very light tone of pastel green. Go for gentle shaded curtains for they create stylish and joyful interior. The white furniture is also recommendable, for they give the impression of purity.

white furniture

A sofa, dressed entirely in yellow would make the interior too kitschy, so place a few cushions in solar shades. Go for beige furniture, in case you want to obtain a classier look. You can repaint the old chairs and furniture. In order to make it more functional, paint the one side in bright yellow and the other in a neutral shade. This way they will look more interesting and refreshing.


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