Easter Decorations for the Home – Ideas to Keep in Mind

As Easter comes closer, more and more people are looking for Easter decorations for the home ideas. The truth is that you don’t have to look for something big. In order to achieve the right effect, you should consider all the small details that make the look of your home spring fresh and more festive.

Easter Decorations for the Home – Ideas to Keep in Mind

Crepe paper bunnies

If you are planning on organizing an Easter party, it is a must to have crepe paper bunnies. The main point of the bunny is for its head to be made of crepe paper wrapped around some little trinket or other kind of surprise.

Bunny carts

One of the cutest home decorations of Easter is to have some carts with bunnies. To make a caboose you will need dowels, wheels, a berry basket and a drinking straw. If you have two or three of them, you could use them as centerpieces.

Rose basket

When it comes to the Easter decorations for the home ideas, come up with a more creative kind of basket. All you have to do is dress up the basket in red crepe paper so that it will look like a rose. Place two ‘leaves’ under the basket to achieve the right look.

Springtime feeling

The tips for home Easter decorations can help you bring a springtime feeling in the home. For instance, you may have crepe paper carrots. You just need some streamers that you can dress up with crepe paper. Again, you should place a small surprise item into the carrots to make spring more fun.

Candy cups

To maintain the springy feel as one of the Easter decorations for the home ideas, make some daffodils and add candy to the middle. If you are preparing for a party, you can use them as placing cards. At the end of the party, the guests could take the daffodils home.

Egg garland

There is nothing better to represent Easter than those colorful eggs. In case you are looking for home decoration tips for Easter, think about coloring blown out eggs that are light enough to be hung over the doorway or over a mirror.

Usually the Easter decorations for the home ideas feature bunnies, chicken and eggs but flowers are also a popular motif. It is best if you opt for fresh flowers to bring new life in your home.


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