Electric vs. Manual Recliners: Which to Choose?

So you have finally decided to buy a recliner and are headed to the store to pick one. You know what color to buy, what brand to buy and what size to buy. But have you also decided whether you want an electric one or a manual one? Well, choosing between an electric and manual recliner can be a tough thing to do, especially since both have their pros and cons.

But the exact one to pick may depend upon many factors like taste, preference, budget, requirement and availability. If you want a detailed comparison between the two, then you can go through the following given information.

electric vs. manual recliners


Electric recliners are often more expensive than the manual ones if all the other features being considered are identical. This is one of the biggest differences between the two and if you are within a budget constraint, then it is better to go for a manual one.


When it comes to electric recliners, there is an electric motor fitted inside which is covered under a warranty and is very reliable. But on the other hand, manual recliners are simpler in design and have no electric circuiting done inside. If the electrics of electric recliners fail, it will be rendered useless but the same doesn’t happen in the case of a manual one.


A manual recliner may prove faster but also abrupt at the same time as far as reclining is concerned but the electric one may recline smoothly yet slowly. In most cases, manual recliners change positions with a jerk which is not the case with electric recliners.

Wires and Sockets

An electric recliner needs a source of power to work or may have a rechargeable battery inside it which may need to be charged time and again for it to work. On the other hand, a manual recliner doesn’t need any charging or power source to function.


Electric recliners can be adjusted and manipulated into many different positions but the same facility is not available in the case of manual ones which usually have only two position options.


Manual recliners need more efforts from the user when it comes to their use whereas electric ones need just a push of a button to be used. It is obvious that electric ones offer a much better ease of use.


Electric recliners are created or designed using modern or advanced technology whereas manual recliners are just pieces of Home furniture with a recline feature provided in them. For those who wish to utilize or incorporate technology in their houses, electric recliners are the better choice.


Another important thing to compare between the two is the durability. While on one hand, electric recliners are much more durable, manual ones may not last as long. Constant use of the lever in manual ones can cause stress and may damage the chair sooner but this doesn’t happen in the case of electric ones.

Both options have their positives and negatives but it is up to you which to choose between the two.

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