Essential Steps to Follow While you Plan and Design a Home Theatre Room

Home decor has reached different level today and people have started designing a different room for watching TV – you can call it an extended TV room, a huge home theatre space or a media centre. It is a complete entertainment space within home premises.

This home theatre room has every element of entertainment and is much ahead from what you imagine a conventional TV room to be. The enthralling visual experience and exhilarating sound effects will surely give you a peaceful haven for personal time. Here are the points that should be kept in mind if you are planning to get a home theatre room planned at home –

steps to follow while you plan and design a home theatre roomCreate a Theme for the Room

This completely depends on your choice and preference; you can take a movie theme with favourite posters or the images of your celebrities, you can also choose an array of collages as wall decor that portray your best watches. Since, this will be a theatre room restrict the theme to something that connects to audio visual domain.

Choose the Right Type of Screen

One of the key points to consider while you are planning for a home theatre, the screen should be of optimum vision and satisfy your needs. You can also buy a projector to get a perfect movie like experience or may be a plasma television measuring 70-inch. The later one is definitely the most recent and convenient alternative as it satisfies the gaming needs as well.

Correct Location is Important

Once you plan a giant home theatre, the first factor you need to check is if it’s in the right location. The room should have some windows that bring in natural light, and does not let in any external noises. The room can be ideally placed in a corner position so that your theatre experience does not disturb others as well. It is supposed to be your personal space, thus keep your audio and visual experience limited within the room.

Selecting the Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is the prime input in any home theatre room. The amazing experience of a cinema hall can actually be possible with the right audio system. Purchase a good sub woofer and arrange the speakers acoustically so that the sound is not disturbed by any obstacles. You will have to learn certain ethics and facts about acoustics to get it right; therefore taking expert’s advice is a good idea.

Make the Room Comfortable

Home theatre room is a place where you will be going for entertainment, which does not happen if you are not comfortable. The seating arrangement should be comfortable enough to make your viewing experience flawless. Remember that you are trying to imitate the theatre atmosphere, thus you can purchase some luxurious-comfy seats or sofa sets that have plenty of leg space.

Keep the Interiors Dark

There is a scientific reason behind this point; the contrast of these shades brings in the best light and picture from the screen. The more sharp the contrast is of the interiors and picture, the better viewing experience it will be! This is the reason why most of the theatres have purple and black combination on walls.

There are many more tips that can help you to make your home theatre room even better, like taking care of the huge wirings and setting them hidden somewhere. Making the room for dual purpose, i.e gaming and film viewing is also a great thought! Ambience lighting is a key point that you should not miss – use LED lighting that will set the right mood for this room!


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