Top 10 Office Interior Design

There are a lot of company owners who are looking for the top 10 office interior design.

In this case the most important thing is to support the creativity of the employees, and this can be achieved in many different ways.

10. Personalized booths

Personalized booths

A lot of people are working in cubicles, but what if they all had their own little private space that is decorated according to their tastes and their needs?

9. Bring up the DJ

Bring up the DJ

Although it’s not common to have a DJ set at the office, the top 10 office interior designs support this idea because it gives the employees a sense of freedom.

8. Outside in

Outside in

Believe it or not, the top 10 office interior design includes having outdoors indoors. You could have a space that is something like a park with benches and picnic tables.

7. Café lounge

cafe lougeTo keep the employees happy, the 10 best office interior designs include having sofas around coffee tables. Don’t forget that the best ideas come to life over a cup of coffee.

6. Modern look

Modern look

This one of the top 10 office interior design tells us that the design should be simple, yet inspiring. This is why you might want to use the color combination of white and orange. Also think about some unexpected materials, like bricks.

5. Keeping it straight

Keeping it straight

The best 10 designs for office interior should inspire the employees, and there is something in the vertical lines that does this. The walls of the office should be covered by vertical lines on a darker backdrop.

4. Transparency


In many cases the biggest companies use glass to divide the space. This way people won’t feel isolated and they tend to communicate more with their colleagues, helping them come up with new and revolutionary ideas.

3. Village


To support creativity you should offer the employees their own ‘wonderland’. Have a small village in the office made of small ‘houses’. Each of these works as a cubicle.

2. Bedroom


People like to spend time in their bedroom and so maybe you should offer them the opportunity to have their own room at the office that they can decorate as they like.

1. Lights


When looking for the top 10 office interior design you should also think about lights. Consider having some colorful lights as well besides the traditional white light. The colors will brighten the mood of the employees, making them happier, more creative and certainly more productive.


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