Tips for Making Study Place Bright & Right

It is really hard to study for 2-3 hours continuously by sitting in a place with full concentration. You can change this by having a proper study room depending on your exact needs. The study place or study room should be constructed or made in such a way that it should be very bright and built with proper lighting. It is your duty to choose the place where you want to sit and study. So, choose the room first and then make it right and bright. Here are some tips for helping you in making the study room bright and right:

1. Arrange the Books

Arrange your books properly in the study place. Placing the books on a shelf or above the desk is highly recommendable. Your study material should be always present inside the study-room, not in a separate room. This is because when you go and pick that material during study time it may distract you. Before you get started just make sure everything is available at your desk.

Tips for Making Study Place Bright & Right

2. Say no to phone

If you are looking to set a right place for your study purposes,the first thing you want to do is to place your mobile phone and other devices with social media applications outside the room. A recent survey says most of the students are highly distracted by their mobile phonesin their study time. So never bring mobile phones in the study room.

3. Choose the right room

Never select your study room near the kitchen place or TV room. The reason is your concentration might get lost because of the external factors like noise, people working, etc. Study room should be very calm and once you enter the room there should not be any concentration lapse.

4. Allow Natural Rays

Natural light from the sun striking through small openings or window mirror in the study place can give you a good feeling to sit and study. So try and sit in a room where natural light is possible.

5. Set the comfort first

Apart from other external factors, the main thing you need to consider is your comfort. Kindly make sure you are comfortable with your place and position.But getting too comfortable is not necessary as it might distract you again or make you sleepy.

6. Use Bright light

At night time, you have to switch on the lights inside your room. Never put dim lights in your study place as it causes sight problems and permanent headache. Also, sit in a way where the light is behind you because facing a bright light directly distracts you.

7. Use only for study purpose

When you start to love your study place then you might start using it for various purposes like eating, chatting with friends, and much more. This is really not a cool idea as a study place is something similar to a workplace where you should only study and do no other activities. This will distract you and collapse the atmosphere that you have created inside the room for study purpose.


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