Winter Interior Decoration Ideas

When you consider how much time you and your family will be spending indoors at home this Christmas, it makes sense to create a comfortable and welcoming space for yourself. If the décor of your property isn’t quite up to scratch, why not partake in a spot of DIY today to prepare your home in time for this year’s festivities?

You might even want to take your home improvements a step further with a conservatory, loft conversion or extension, if you have a larger budget to cover it. By creating more space and improving the look of your home, you might also increase its attractiveness to potential buyers if you are looking to sell down the line.

Just remember that any developments you make to your property are covered with suitable home insurance, should you and your property become the victim of burglary, fire, flood or any other damage. You should also review your home insurance policy from time-to-time to ensure that your property is fully protected, as failure to do so could result in you forking out significant amounts of cash unexpectedly.

If you are decorating your home on a strict budget, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from some of this season’s top interior design trends to add some life to your interiors. You can always mix existing furniture and other items in your home with new ones to keep the job as cheap as possible.

The living room is perhaps the best place to start, as this is usually the area where Christmas trees are propped up and presents opened on Christmas morning. Make use of an open fire if you have one and replace summery accessories with winter ones.

Why not add a lick of paint in a neutral hue to your living room walls to rejuvenate the space and experiment with fabrics in warm, rich colours to achieve the desired effect? Keep features that are expensive to replace – such as flooring and sofas – simple and in neutral colours, so you can adapt them for a new look each season. Rugs, cushions and throws prove that small investments can make a big impact.

Finally, don’t forget your dining room – another room that usually sees more activity over the festive period. Whether you are expecting visitors or simply want a dining room to be proud of for your family’s enjoyment, your eating area deserves attention. Again, embrace rich colours such as deep purples where you can, and use candles to play around with lighting to create ambience.



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