Wallpaper Trends 2014

We would all like to remodel our homes from time to time. Although until now you may have had only paint, on this occasion you could also consider adding wallpaper. This is something that can bring your home to new life, especially if you follow the trends.Wallpaper Trends 2014

Humorous and Unusual

It isn’t a must to choose the popular and usual wallpapers. There are some unusual and humorous ones that you might like as well. Just consider having leaves on the walls along with branches and colorful parrots. This is a wallpaper that can bring a splash of color into a boring and monochromatic living room.

Retro Revival

In case you know a little something about the latest trends regarding home decoration, you might know that retro is the latest hot thing. Focus on the minimalism of the 50s and 60s. Consider the off kilter geometrics which works very well with apparently randomly combined contrasting prints.

Flowers take the Scene

The one general truth about wallpapers it is that flowers never really go out of fashion. In this year the florals make a huge return. They are boldly colored and graphic and in some cases they are also mixed with geometrical prints. This means that they are everything but the wallpaper of your grandmother.


Have you ever thought about having a huge picture in the living room? In fact there is something better that you could do. In our days the wallpapers are more about showcasing large murals instead of repeating the same pattern over and over again. These wallpapers are the most suitable for the rooms with no other focal point.

Archive Designs

Although the archive designs are back that doesn’t mean that they are old-fashioned. In order to make sure that you will get the wallpaper right, you have to identify the key colors of the room and choose the wallpaper that uses the exact same colors. This way there will be coherence between the different aspects.

Geometric Wallpapers

Some of the retro wallpapers come with geometric patterns. You have to remember that the wallpapers with large geometric shapes work the best with the modern designs. Before choosing, you also have to consider the scaling of the room; the room’s size will determine the amount of wallpaper that you can use.


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