Vintage Bathroom Storage Ideas

Some people wish to have only modern items in their homes, while others prefer the styles of the times past and they opt to go for a vintage style. If this is your case, you might be interested in vintage bathroom storage ideas.

Vintage Bathroom Storage Ideas

Pretty and simple

You could have a cupboard or open shelves on which you can display lotions and creams with floral designs that only enhance the vintage feel of this storage unit. This is an idea that you would love especially if you have a cabinet you thought you could never use again.

An old cupboard

In case you are looking for bathroom ideas for vintage storage you might think that you need more storage. If this is the case think about using an old cupboard that comes with shelves, drawers and a cabinet. This way you can display the items that have a vintage touch and you can hide the rest.

Storage kit

When it comes to the vintage bathroom storage ideas it is important for the items you choose to be practical. To make sure that you have everything that you need at hand, consider a storage kit that comes with ‘pockets’ large enough to hold several rolls of toilet paper, lotions, shampoos and other items that you might need.


For the bathroom to have a warm feeling to it you might want to consider baskets as one of the vintage bathroom storage tips. The main point of these storage units is to have several baskets one on top of the other. These will offer you all the storage space you need.

Drawer storage cabinet

The people looking for vintage bathroom storage ideas may be interested in a drawer storage cabinet. If you do get something of this kind, make sure that you get baskets with floral prints to enhance the vintage feel of the bathroom.

Heart chest

Having a tall heart chest is also a good one of the tips for vintage bathroom storage. You will have a lot of drawers to hide your things in and the heart shapes will give the bathroom a vintage feel. This is perfect for the more romantic people.

Make sure that you consider several ones of the vintage bathroom storage ideas before you actually make a decision. There are a lot of possibilities to choose from, but you have to decide what style you wish to go for before you start shopping.


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