Most Affordable Christmas Decorations

As Christmas comes, the majority of people start thinking about decorations and the budget that they will need. The good news is that there are a lot of decorations you can create on your own using the items you already have so that Christmas won’t become an expensive holiday.

Most Affordable Christmas Decorations

Magazine Christmas tree

Sometimes it’s not enough to have only one Christmas tree in the house. Add smaller trees that heighten the spirit of people. You can create small trees using magazines and folding the pages over the other pages. Trim the edges with tinsel and add some of last year’s ornaments. You could also add some silver or gold spray.


Pinecones have become a symbol for Christmas. If you take a trip to the park for sure you will find some nice ones. You can dip these in gold paint. Another way to achieve a glittery effect is to apply water and glue on the pinecones. Fill a bowl or basket with pinecones for a bigger effect.

Make it sweet

If you happen to have a sweet tooth and a lot of candy around your home, you can use them as Christmas decorations. Just get a few nice glasses and bowls and fill them with candy. In order to make them more interesting add a bit of water to the edges and add some sugar, so that they will look like they are frosted.

Paper angels

Although you might think that paper angels are childish, don’t forget that they are cheap and easy to create. In case you have kids, you can turn this into a family project. There are a lot of patterns that you can find online and all you need is just white paper or some colored paper.

Pillow gifts

You can use the home accessories that you already have and turn them into Christmas decorations. For example, if you have some red pillows, you should add a white ribbon to them so that they will look like Christmas gifts. For an extra kick you could also add a rhinestone pin.

White spray

It is almost impossible for you not to have any artificial Christmas tree branches or other decorations for Christmas you don’t use anymore. In order to create a more special decoration, try spraying them with white spray. Add all these items to a tray and place it on the mantelpiece or in some other highly visible place.

Mini trees

In case you take trips to the park or a nearby forest, for sure you will find fallen pine tree branches. Gather them and apply white, silver, or gold spray or paint on them and create small Christmas trees. In the same way you can also make a wreath that you can add to the front door.

Just add water

For a more creative piece of decoration you should get clear vases and add some water and food coloring to them, such as blue or red. In the end add tea light candles as well for a more festive touch. If you have several vases, place them in a row.


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