The Key Elements That Make a Living Room Functional

The living room is a space where families tend to spend time together. It only makes sense that the décor and the furniture used in the room should be conducive to its purpose. A living room should exude warmth and coziness. It needs to be comfortable and welcoming.

Here are a few tips that can help you create an inviting living room or a sitting area for more formal needs.

Living Room

The first and foremost feature is the sitting. Not only should it be comfortable but also it should be arranged in a manner to promote conversation.

The seats should be placed near enough so that the conversation does not turn into a shouting match. People should be no more than a few feet apart and a slight tilt too so they can look at each other’s faces.

Pick out chairs and other pieces not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their durability too. Look for well made solid pieces that will take rough use and last a long time.

Do remember to look for pieces that have backs as lovely as their fronts. Also look for pieces that are not particular to the living room but can be used anywhere when the need be.

The seating should be arranged such that they are not too far and at the same time allow moving space too. Living rooms can be made more interesting with the help of art on the walls.

You can opt for single pieces or mount them as groups of two or three on the same wall. Look for paintings from the same artist or with the same theme.

The coffee table that you select for your living room should be practical and spacious. It should be able to hold knick knacks like remotes and coasters and also have space for magazines and newspapers. Even when holding these things the coffee table should be spacious enough to hold your coffee tray and cups too.

Most sitting areas or living rooms may use side tables to display knick knacks, art pieces or photographs. Side tables with tiered displays can easily turn into focal points. Not only is it more interesting to check out things at different levels but more attractive too.

Coordinate your walls and flooring to go well with the furniture you have picked. The colors on the walls and the floor should not jar each other but look coordinated. You can be bold and pick out dark colored wall paper for the walls. The right pick can create a feeling of space and the walls will melt away.

Lamps add a touch of elegance to any sitting area, but choose carefully. You don’t want a tiny lamp with a huge shade or vice versa. Also use diffuser shield to keep glares away.

Finish the room with accessories that are not run of the mill. Look for unique pieces that may have a history of their own. It could be a family heirloom, or a cherished piece from a favorite friend or aunt. Add your own personal touch to the space and you will have an original living room.


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