Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2013

Kitchen backsplashes ideas 2013 are few tips on making your kitchen an attractive place. The kitchen is one place which every woman wants to design according to their imagination. We shall discuss some great kitchen backsplash ideas in this article that will take you through various options available.

Backsplash Styling Techniques

Backsplashes are the available in many colours, materials and designs. So to choose your backsplash you first have to draw an outline of your imagination about the kitchen. Then start designing the backsplash according to your preference.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2013

Kitchen Backsplash in Nature’s Way

Some people like their kitchen to be filled with the green effect or greenery all around. For those, here are few tips. There are green backsplash tiles that are made of glass with a specially designed to avoid scratches. The tiles can be in plain different green shades or small multi green bubbles in white background. There are other types called the clay tiles in mild green shades which create a garden effect in the kitchen when mild lights are placed above them.

Natural Style

There are kitchen backsplashes which are very mild and innate. They can be of mild brown coloured tiles, tiles with shades etc. they are best suited for wooden kitchen cabinets. The other option in this style can be a marble back splash that goes with oak wood colour cabinet. These designs can be counted first when you want to keep the backsplash a simple one.

Metal Backsplashes

Metal backsplashes are preferred for white or off white cabinets and countertops. They give a pristine and classy finishing when you want your kitchen to look shiny and glow. There are different types of metal backsplashes like pressed metal type, stainless steel ones etc. they are very easy to clean and also easy to fit.

Rustic Look

For those who like to add an old rustic look to their kitchen, please try out these backsplashes. The field stone backsplashes are the ones with a stone effect; they are cut in various shapes and fixed above the granite counter top. They add a country look when combined with large wooden cabinets and few mural paintings. The other type in the same category is basket weave styled backsplash tiles with a matte finish. These also give an old but conventional look to the kitchen

Eloquent Painted Tiles

If you are a creative person, then there you go for mosaic tiles, design or paint them according to your imagination. There is another way of painting the glass backsplashes imaginatively in 3D patters or abstract patterns. These give a very arty look to your kitchen.


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