Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas

People are often looking for vintage style home décor ideas especially because the vintage items make them feel comfortable. You can find such items at flea markets but it is also possible that you have some family hand-me-downs that you would like to use.

Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas

Vintage Chandelier

Not everybody is lucky enough to get a chandelier as a hand-me-down. If you want to create your own, get a hanging wire planter and add strands of beads to it. On the flea market, you might also find hanging prisms. Now all you need is a votive candle to shed light on things.

Trash and treasure

The majority of the people looking for vintage style ideas for home décor have some things that they like, but that aren’t in a perfect condition, such as incomplete tableware or a toy car missing a wheel. The good news is that you can use just anything to create wall art with a vintage touch perfectly fitted for shabby chic decoration style.


There are only a few people left using fabric handkerchiefs. In case you are looking for vintage style home décor ideas, you should think about these pretty pieces of fabric. You could make a curtain of them; just sew them together and add rings to the top.

Place together

In case you are thinking about the vintage style home décor tips, you may know that the larger pieces of furniture may be quite expensive, while the smaller ones are cheaper. Buy smaller pieces of furniture, such as a vintage mirror and a chest and place them together. To achieve a pulled together look, add two lamps to the top of the chest.

Elegant and useful

In the era of post it notes, only a few people use chalkboards. In case you are looking for vintage style home décor ideas, consider a child’s chalkboard in a frame to write down all the things that you need to get done.

Add some light

The good thing about the tips for vintage style home décor is that they help you come up with your own light fixtures. Get an old spoon, bend it and secure it to an old piece of wood. Add a tea candle to the spoon and you will have a vintage looking light fixture.

Naturally, there are some other vintage style home décor ideas that you might like as well. Just keep an open mind and tap in your creative side.


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