Lines And Geometrics For A Straight Up Home

Beginning with the shape of the space we call home, office or shop, a three-dimensional geometric shape can be complimented by a fluent interior design that must complete the exterior’s shape in order for everything to be in harmony.

It is not hard to create an original and trendy space by simply following the smart modern trends in decoration.

modernlivingroom3Walking home from work we see many tastes reflected by architects in the buildings they built and when we are at home we must have the perfect comfort and a pleasant presence of our own ideas. Regardless if the building was built with our ideas or we are constrained in a standard shaped building, an interior design that uses geometry can only bring pleasure in our life.


Using the existing angles (between walls, doorways, the windows) the furniture can be easily adapted and integrated. Don’t mind the mathematical sound of all this, the simplicity is only in words as the designs can vary from a room to another. In the living room low furniture amplifies the height of the room, combined with the placement of small furniture in angles that are repeated.

modernlivingroom5The bedroom can be totally different but still geometrical. A queen-size circular bed or a rectangular sofa with square cushions can be contrasted with a pyramidal closet and completed by the texture covering the walls, also with circles on it, creating a very interesting image.

modernbed-roomBut all this can’t reach perfection without the right colors and textures. The 2009 trends bring upfront the monochromatic textures and neutral colors. Using contrast and matching colors between same shapes can prove to be the ideal design.

Everything in human’s life is based on proportions and this is why the interior design must follow exact patterns. The exact placement and the perfect distances will make the whole design flawless.

Adding smart designs like cubes with hidden drawers, or storage spaces masked behind mirrors, geometry seems to be the perfect recipe for the modern house.

Source : Bernard-Sofa


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