Hampton Designer Style For Summer Home Decor

When a designer is creating his own home, we surely know it will be something, in which he will show the best of his imagination.

There are many designers, who decorated houses, now fine examples of a master class, but what matters for a normal person to decorate his own house is to do it without to put lots of efforts and time. This was the idea of the designer James Huniford, who designed his Long Island’s south shore home.

summer home decor 1

The beach home of the designer is now an example of an impressive style. James wanted to create an area, where the traditional home interior meets the modern and innovative style.

He started with his outdoor decoration. Near his house he placed an old abandoned mill and he transformed the yard into an area, where he and his guest can chill and relax. He equipped the place with billiard tables and other devices for fun.

summer home decor 2

Nowadays that’s his favorite place, especially when he wants to stay alone for a while. Inside the house he created a real miracle. The living room is now a place, filled with accessories that date back to 1865 and meanwhile, his furniture is modern and cozy. For instance, the designer is advising that when you add an old décor element such as an old saltbox and if you place it near modern furniture, there is a certain contrast in the whole room.

summer home decor 3

By this principle, he created his living room, which is now a real oasis to stay and relax. The designer’s idea for the living room included 18-th century Belgian jeweler table, a lamp made from a piece of driftwood and specially designed chairs made out of a tangle of weather-worn buoys anchors.

The dining room also represents the unusual ideas of the designer. He filled the place with interesting ornaments and details that gave it an extremely stylish atmosphere. James found a broad Corten-steel ceiling beam and he used it to create different ornaments from it. The sculptures there are also part of this amazing room.

summer home decor 4

They are an interesting combination with a vintage table and chandelier, both from the new collection furniture that the designer created, after he decorated his home.

For those of you that are living near the sea, just like James, swordfish noses can be perfect accessories in the dining room.

The marina accents also create an aesthetic look for the house, especially when it is combined with modern and futuristic accessories.


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