Get Yourself A Unique DIY Easter Decoration

An Easter centerpiece is something quite easy to make and a few simple ideas can turn this piece into a lovely creation anybody can do at home.

You need some basic stuff you can find practically everywhere: a stainless steel bowl, some mondo grass, ribbons, toothpicks, oasis foam and pussy willow twigs. Of course, you will also need some eggs and some egg coloring colors.

Simply pierce the eggs on both sides and empty the content, then let them dry. Mix the colors with water and dye the eggs using a spoon. Let them dry completely.

easter centerpeice 01Meanwhile set the oasis foam in the steel bowl cutting it to fit the bowl evenly and water it heavily. Put the mondo grass on top of it, try and shake of the dirt from the roots and spread them evenly over the foam.

easter centerpeicesPut the eggs in the center and cage them with the pussy willow twigs. Gather the twigs and tie them with a ribbon. Voila! You have your very own DIY Easter centerpiece.


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