Garden Statues For An Indoor Outstanding Effect

Outdoor décor no longer needs to remain always outdoors. You can use them creatively inside the homes too. Bird baths, busts, statues, urns all of them can be easily adapted to add a new dimension to your interiors when the outdoors is too cold to enjoy them.

They can easily be turned into focal points with a little creativity. The bird baths offer a lot of scope to improve on them. Place them in the center of a table. Use the short ones on coffee tables or other center tables. The long stemmed ones can be used effectively on dining tables.

Just placing them is not enough, a few interesting touches are still needed. Add seasonal fruits or greens to the short ones or place a few interesting knick knacks around them. How about a gazing glass surrounded by a wreath in one of the basins?

Garden urns can also be used to add a twist. Fill them with a random setting of dry branches juxtaposed with birch or fir branches. Throw in a few ornaments or colorful confetti and the new piece de resistance is ready. Smaller urns filled with colored glass pieces or pebbles can form interesting conversation pieces. Use candles or just interesting candle stands around them to give them company.

The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.


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