French Air and How to Bring It into Your Home

Every culture has its own style, and we have to admit that the French have a very specific style that you could bring in your home as well. There are only a few key elements that you have to keep an eye out for.

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To achieve the ultimate French style, you should make sure to have both armchairs and chairs in the living room. To hold all the elements together, add a gilt framed mirror to the room, and in the end don’t forget about the rug either. This should have a special texture. You need a focal point in the room and this could be a giant clock exposed on a wall. To add an elegant touch you could be using as decoration cushions with a bit of gold.


Having wallpaper with floral patterns doesn’t necessarily have to be cheesy. Even more, this might be just what the room is craving for. In case you have a table that seems to have been suffered through the years, it could be wallpaper with hydrangea pattern that creates the harmony of the room.

A carved desk

Since you have limited space in the rooms, you have to make sure that you are using the space that you have to its full potential. As an example you could add a small carved desk and a vintage chair. Then add a woven rug to make the look of the stone floor more welcoming. Also it could be a good idea to decorate the room with paintings, drawings and sketches of the same color.

Linen for the bed

If you are longing to have a monochrome bedroom, one of the best options that you have is to have an all-white room. In this case it is a good idea to have several layers of lace, crisp and throws, not to mention the specially created pillow cases. You could also be playing a bit with the different textures, such as smooth bedlinen with crocheted cotton.

Stop hiding

In case you would like to break out from conformism, you should most definitely have a mannequin. This is the best solution for you to be able to show off your evening purses, necklaces and lace items.

Blinds and shutters

You could sew on your own your blind of gilded print having a linen base. Also don’t forget adding some old, vintage shutters and the cushions could also add to the overall look.


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