Decorate Your Door Panel Using Stylish Patterns

Decorating the door panels can be fun, especially if you do that by yourself. There are now several decorating door ideas with adding stylish patterns on them.

interior doorDesigners are offering many ideas how to do that in order to add more personal touch to your doors. No matter of the paper you are choosing, make sure it fits your home design and colors.

Contrasting patterns are also good idea, especially if your doors are in neutral colors.

The materials you need are wallpaper, measuring tape, wallpaper paste and brush, plastic float and a sponge.

door panelThe process is simple, if you measure the interior of your door proper. Cut the paper you chose and use a knife and a ruler as your helpers. Apply the paste to the wallpaper and add it to the measured place on your door panel.

In order to remove the air bubbles, brush it and remove them with plastic float. Use sponge for a flatter look and you are ready!


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