A Color Can Define Your Room Lines

In case you are wondering how to add more space and spirit into your home décor, we are offering you few tricks for highlighting your furniture, trim and decorate the interior with simple paint.

striped bedroom

Choosing the right color is the first step for adding more interesting and more open décor to your living area. Experts are advising to choose blue-gray trim and ceiling colors.

choosing a finish

Add a glossy finish in order to reflect the light and make the room more spacious. Pick a dark color for your doors and play with contrast colors. This will always offer more light to your living area and it looks stylish and classy.

Don’t forget that the trim is not necessary to be white. There are also other colorful options that add more extravagant style to your home. Ebonized floors and dark furniture turns the room to a sophisticated and bohemian room. When you are decorating the house, don’t forget to highlight the architecture. It can be done easily by adding darker colors to your walls and floors.

highlighting the room

This will draw the attention to your architecture style. Play with the color of the furniture as much as you can. Combine neutral furniture with dark accessories and linens. Don’t go only for white or neutral colors, when it comes to painting the walls.


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