Sparkling Colors For An Unusual Coffee Serving

Coffee tables are often a center of attraction in many interiors of houses, community halls, and offices and so impart influence on the interior plan of the place. Recently many interior decorators are using dazzling colors, unusual material and strange shapes to make trendy and very stylish coffee tables.

Com.P. Ar introduces a new batch of coffee tables based on such crazy ideas, however with an ultimate beautiful appearance. Mad, Miro, Diamond, Flower are some unique collections. A corrugated iron sheet is the basic body material for Mad designs which come in black or white color.

Medium density fiberboard is used at the table tops of Miro designs that come in multiple bright colors and black or white base. Diamond tables are made up of glass and available in three varieties, black, red and transparent.

The most unique and beautiful design that reflects a combination of modern technology with natural beauty is the collection of flower tables. Transparent or black table top has the curvatures in the shape of flower and a chromed base holding the floral top.

SpHaus also has brought some distinctive collection of coffee tables with the assistance of world famous designers. Sharply defined geometrical shapes with or without blunt ovoid edges, funky looks, crystal clear transparency and vigorous use of color is the trend of modern unusual coffee serving tables.


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