How Room Color Can Affect Your Mood?

room colorDid you know that the colors of your room can have a bearing on how your mood is when you are in that room?

In fact the colors of the rooms in your house can have a huge impact on your moods.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to control the mood you are in everyday? Think about it at breakfast you can set the mood, while reading the paper you can set the mood and while eating lunch you can set the mood.

You can set the mood for studying and working from home and you can set the mood for intimacy in your master bedroom.

And the great thing about colors is that color trends come and go so whatever you choose will eventually come back in and be trendy again. Color can change the size and shape of the room you are in.

To think about this, first consider that light colors are airy and expansive and make rooms seem bigger and airier.

And to begin with, consider that dark colors tend to be warm and give a room a more intimate feeling. For example, a white kitchen with light blue tones will be airy and refreshing while a master bedroom painted in browns and reds will be intimate and cozier.

Red can stir excitement and raise the energy level in a room. Red can stimulate conversation and draw people together as well as raise blood pressure and heart rate.

Red can also invoke rage, hostility and anger and would not be best suited for a room you would spend a lot of time in and try to relax in.

Yellow is happy and light and joyful and airy. Yellow is the sunshine and yellow communicates happy energy.

Yellow is the perfect color for sun rooms, four season porches, bathrooms and kitchens. Yellow can make hallways seem bigger.

However, yellow can also be draining and make the eyes tired and yellow really shouldn’t be used as the main color in any room; yellow makes a great accent color.

Blue kind of has an opposite impact on people than red does; blue can encourage relaxation and harmony, and blue brings blood pressure and heart rate down. Blue is serene and makes a great color for a bathroom or bedroom. Be careful with light blue or pastel blues but have fun with royal blues and strong blues.


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