Decorating Trials You Can Take on a Weekend

Have you ever felt the need for a change? I guess you did. Sometimes people feel that they need something new, but they can’t point out what they need. A very easy way to make a change in a short time is to make a change in your home.

There are numerous small projects that you could finish in a couple of days and they would have a high impact on your mood.

Decorating Trails

One of the quickest projects is the changing of the colors of the bedroom walls. The new color will add personality to the room, and it might be finished in a really short time. Also on this occasion you might also change the bedding to match the new color, and you will see that the room will get a whole new feeling.

Every item is interesting while it is new, but after some time you will get bored of it, and this means that there is need for a change. For example you could start with the curtains. It might not be enough to change their color.

A monochromatic curtain has little to say. This is why you should get a scissor and get creative. You could add some shapes and patterns to them, so that they would have more personality.

Doing a painting job seems easy and fast, but remember that there are some other techniques as well that you might use in order to spice up the room. For example you might be thinking about adding some stripes. These are a fun way to add a new look but there is need for lots of preparations to make sure that they will turn out the way you want them.

You aren’t up for dealing with dripping paint? Then you could opt for wallpapers. In the last period they made a huge comeback and there are numerous styles to choose from. There are those simpler ones, and also those that come with patterns. To achieve a sophisticated and dramatic look, choose the wallpapers with oversized patterns.

The rearrangement of the bookcase can make quite a difference in the room. Just take the time to arrange the books in a new manner, and you will feel like the entire room has changed. You could opt for a neat and organized look, but also for a messy look, but in an organized manner.

Some artwork could really spice a room up. When thinking about such projects, try to think outside the box. For example you could refinish an old shutter and use it to display photos, postcards or clippings. There are numerous ideas to think about. Another idea might be to create a collage of photos or clippings and display it on the wall.

Flower arrangements can add a new look to the room. Naturally their only disadvantage is that they last for a short period of time. On the other hand, you could refresh them from time to time. You could get some cheap flowers and arrange them in a nice manner.

Keep in mind that your living room craves to tell a story. Whether it is a story of romance of one of adventure the key elements you use can make a lot of difference.


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