Coastal Inspiration for Christmas Décor

For the people fond of the idea of spending Christmas close to the sea, a lovely cottage near the coastal line can become the perfect Christmas fairytale realm. Smartly chosen but lovely combined Christmas decorations can turn such a place into a sea themed holiday haven.

Coastal Inspiration for Christmas Décor

Shells and Stockings for the Mantelpiece

The fireplace can be the ideal display for both coastal and Christmas elements. Place some spectacular shells on top and in between them place white candles tied with silvery ribbon. To complete the look hang white and blue stockings to the side of the mantelpiece.

Blue Table Setting

Choose a blue tablecloth and decorate the table with evergreen branches and blue glossy ornaments. Use a huge shell filled with blue Christmas tree ornaments as a centerpiece and place a spectacular candle next to it.

Sea Themed Christmas Tree Decorations

You can use shells and starfish to decorate the Christmas tree. Add silvery lights and little bows made of silver ribbons to complete the coastal look.

Shell Wreath

Instead of an evergreen wreath you can make a shell wreath for your front door. Simply glue beautiful white shells together and tie a wide red ribbon to enhance the effect.

Glass Ornaments

Glass ornaments are ideal for sea themed Christmas décor. The icy look is the illustration of winter and you can manually paint them with sea motifs or simply add golden or silvery details to them to help them sparkle even more.

A Touch of Sand

You can use sand to add a breath of sea air to your Christmas décor. Spread sand at the base of your Christmas tree or fill a bowl with sand and place Christmas ornaments on top for an interesting centerpiece.

Just Blue

In order to invite Christmas into your coastal home décor, you can simply choose to make it all blue. Choose sparkling glass ornaments, shiny garlands and glossy details and make sure you have a spectacular Christmas tree decorated with marine elements.


For those fond of the traditional red and green, having a nautical theme for Christmas décor will surely seem a bit out of place. If you live by the sea but you are fond of tradition, you can always choose marine elements for the house but keep the Christmas tree traditional.

Elements so familiar to the Christmas time like poinsettia and evergreen braches can be present too.   For example you can place the Christmas flower in a pot somewhere on the floor where it will be noticed and frame the window with evergreen branches.


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