Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Can Use

It is common for people to be looking for small bathroom decorating ideas since in the majority of the cases they only have limited space.

The good news is that there are some decorating ideas that you could use to create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it is in reality.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Can Use


It is a good idea to have cabinets all the way to the ceiling to have more storage space. Another useful idea is to have a cabinet over the toilet as well, since in the majority of the cases this space is wasted. If you don’t have too much space you should consider having a pull-out hamper.

Bathroom Cabinets & Mirrors can also really improve your bathroom style, especially if they have special features and are Illuminated.

The shower

When wondering about decorating ideas for small bathrooms usually people forget how much space the shower needs. Consider getting a frameless shower that has really thin walls. Near the shower you may have a vanity mounted on the wall that holds the sink and that also offers some counter space.

The toilet

Usually people don’t think about the size of the toilet when considering small bathroom decorating ideas. The truth is that you can save a lot of space if you opt for a compact model. To save even more space, have near the toilet a pedestal sink. To create the illusion of a large bathroom, use bright colors for the walls.

Tub and shower

The truth regarding the tips for small bathroom decorating is that if you have a small space you can’t afford the luxury of having a tub and a shower, so you should get a tub/shower unit. If you feel like you can’t give up those long hot baths, this combo is your only option.

The window

Although people don’t want to have other people staring at them while they are using the toilet, one of the best small bathroom decorating ideas is to have a tall window in the bathroom. The natural light will fill the bathroom and it will look larger. If you want more privacy, you should have opaque glass so that nobody will see inside.

No limits and the decorating tips for small bathrooms

If you have a really small space to work with, the small bathroom decorating ideas tell you to think of the entire bathroom as a larger shower. You should have tiles on the floor and have the entire floor bent towards the drain.


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