Decorate Your Bathroom With Mirrors And Designs

bathroom mirrorYou can completely change the look of your bathroom with a few splashes of color and a few simple designs.

Consider the wall space in your bathroom and think about adding decorative art or even mirrors.

Mirrors can completely make an area seem bigger and more inviting.

And when you are dealing with a bathroom what better piece to have hanging on the walls in quantity than a few mirrors? [Bathroom mirrors]

If you are considering putting mirrors on your bathroom walls for decoration and to somewhat remodel your bathroom think about your lighting and your lighting sources first.

If your lighting sources are scarce and you have room on a vanity or shelf in the bathroom consider adding a little lamp which will make the bathroom more intimate, cozy and personable.

Once you have worked out any light issues you can begin working with the mirrors to place them correctly and appropriately for the best look in your bathroom.

Consider all the different kinds and types and sizes and shapes of mirrors that you can put into your bathroom. Your choices are endless.

Depending on your bathroom and the look you are going for, different shapes will produce different results.

For example, an oval shaped mirror will make a bathroom feel differently than a square mirror would. And a full length mirror will give the bathroom a much different feeling than a one foot by one foot mirror placed directly behind the vanity.

Also think about framing your mirrors. Yes you can frame a mirror. You can go to any store and purchase just a plain mirror and then frame it yourself.

You can also think about decorating the outside of the mirror with puffy paints and jewels depending on the look you are going for in the bathroom.

A more dramatic look would be putting shutters on the sides of the mirror. This would be dramatic and allow you to have two different looks in one decorative piece on the wall.

If the shutters are not for you think about putting curtains up in the bathroom. Curtains would make a big bathroom seem small and intimate and could lighten up a dark bathroom if you have a bathroom you think is too dark and can’t remodel it right now.

Flowers and vases always look good in any room. Pick an accent color for your bathroom and try to coordinate flowers in a vase with that color or those colors.


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