How to Make the Most of Your Treasure Storage Display

When thinking about display, first you have to decide which are the items that you would like other people to see, and make sure that you can arrange them in a way that is suitable for your home and that makes the best of the items.

Bookcase and kitchen

Now this is a truly unexpected twist. On the lower shelves you could be storing cookbooks that add some color, and on the upper shelves expose some colorful serving pieces. In case there are some drawers as well use them to store utensils.

Treasure Storage DisplayStorage and glass

When it comes to the items that you would like people to see, but still you would like to protect them, opt for the glass front cabinets. To achieve an interesting look you should mix vases, books and bowls.

Add some creativity

A worktable could become a functional workplace. All you have to do is to add some large baskets that you can use to store books, supplies and magazines.

The smaller baskets can be used for the storage of paper and writing tools. Get a magnetic strip along the edge of the cabinet that would hold staplers and scissors.

Double duty

You could make the most of storage, in case you use the units both for storage and as a dividing element of space. As an example, a larger storage unit could be used as a divider between the kitchen and the dining room. You could store in it games, blankets or even a TV. The open shelves can be used to display the items that you would like other people to see.

Wooden crate

The crates can also be turned into storage units, in the kitchen, for example. Add to them drawer pulls and you could use them like regular drawers.

In case you have a metal countertop you can achieve the ultimate vintage feeling in the kitchen.


In case you have a large bookcase, you could use it as a headboard. You could display books and pictures on the shelves. They are big enough to store larger items, such as blankets or magazines. You could also add a sconce to have some light in the bed so that you will be able to read before going to sleep.

There are numerous ideas that you could use in order to store different items and also to display them for others to see.


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