How to Keep Your Home Spotless With Little Effort

A dirty, untidy house can be a huge source of stress and frustration and tackling it can seem like an insurmountable horror. But in reality, a simple plan is all you need to whip your home into a sparkling sanctuary.

While you might find yourself putting in the hours to get everything back on track, you can rest assured that there are easy ways to keep your home spotless that won’t leave you exhausted.

Get the gear

Effective cleaning is always easier when you have the proper supplies and equipment. Stock up on all the key cleaning products you’ll need for every room in the house and don’t forget the power of old wives’ favourites such as white vinegar and baking soda.

Store all products neatly in a designated spot. Make sure you have a top-notch vacuum cleaner and consider investing in a hand held steam cleaner for effortless but highly effective steam cleaning of carpet, curtains and furniture. They are the best tool for banishing bacteria.

De-clutter your home

De-cluttering your home is very important if you want to get it truly clean. It’s time to get ruthless, keeping in mind the rule that unless something is valuable or practical, it needs to go.

Work around the house room by room, assigning your belongings to one of three piles – keepchuck or donate.  Make sure that you don’t get sentimental about what you keep – chances are that if you donate it to charity or send it to the dump, you won’t miss it.

Sort your storage

Once you’re clear on what is going to stay, remember the mantra – a place for everything and everything in its place. Invest in practical storage solutions, such as a wooden chest for toys, stackable boxes for large files and clever filing systems.

If you find your surfaces are constantly covered with clutter, get rid of the surface and you’re immediately onto a winner. After you’ve used something, put it away – it’s such a simple concept but once you get into the habit you’ll never turn back.

Stay organised

Devise a schedule and to-do list. This will help you take control over housework, rather than vice versa.

Begin by making a list of the routine cleaning chores in your home and how often each task should be done – daily, weekly and monthly. Spread the chores evenly so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by it all.

Assign tasks to family members to ease the load – have a rule that the last person to get out of bed makes it for instance.

A stitch in time saves nine

Keep on top of it – rather than allowing dirt and detritus to accumulate to the point where you need to mount a campaign of cleaning that takes all weekend, or longer, tackle tasks as and when they arise.

By using a few minutes here and there for ad hoc cleaning tasks you should never have to spend hours on end cleaning.


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